Japanese Poetry

Elizabeth’s haibun and haiku have been published internationally, and in most of the leading journals, including Modern Haiku, Mayfly, Frogpond and The Heron’s Nest.

Her haibun was selected by Cattails, the United Haiku and Tanka Society, for Editor’s Choice.

Her chapbook “Not Like Fred and Ginger” published by Red Moon Press, was short listed for the prestigious Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Book Award in 2014. Both of her chapbooks (Not Like Fred and Ginger, and Extra Candles) are digitized in the American Haiku Foundation Library.

The Mainichi (Japan) selected Elizabeth’s haiku for their Haiku in English: Best of 2015. Lyrical Passion Poetry chose her haiku for Best of the Best (Haiku 2015). Her Senryu was shortlisted for the 2018 H.Gene Murtha Senryu Contest.

Elizabeth’s tanka has been published in “Ribbons, the Tanka Society of America.”

Her haiku or haibun published in Shamrock Haiku Journal, The Mainichi (Japan), Roadrunner Journal, A Hundred Gourds, Haibun Today, NeverEnding Story, Chrysanthemum, Haiku Canada Review, Asahi Haiku Network, Wednesday Haiku@Issa’s Untidy Hut, Wild Plum, Makota Haiku Magazine, Bottle Rockets, Lyrical Hitmaker, Inner Art Journal, Akitsu Quarterly, The Cicada’s Cry, Failed Haiku, A Journal of English Senryu, Haiku Pond “Today’s Feature”, Under the Basho, and more.

She has a page in the American Haiku Registry.

 Elizabeth’s haiku:

English Original

weaving sunshine
through my screen
a spider

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


(Previously published, Neverending Story)

holding up
the sunrise
tree branches

(previously published, Shamrock Haiku Journal)

snowy day
a squirrel on the fence
scattering sunshine

(previously published, The Asahi Shimbun)

carnival rides
the swirling
of candy floss

(previously published, Akitsu Quarterly)

garden sprays
rainbows falling

(previously published, Ascent Aspirations, Friday’s Poems)

engraved plaque
on hopes of eternity

(previously published, Ascent Aspirations, Friday’s Poems)

beach town
even my driving

(previously published, Ascent Aspirations, Friday’s Poems)

their headstone
whispering out loud
the news they’d want to hear

(previously published, Wednesday Haiku)

fall morning
sun shining brightly
on wrong prognosis

(previously published, Wild Plum)

wondering what’s next
watching the squirrel
watching the toad

(previously published, The Mainichi; Haiku in English, Best of 2015)

selecting plots
for eternal rest

(previously published, Modern Haiku)

family dinner
that feeling
of fullness

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


(previously published, NeverEnding Story)

the beach house
my nightly prayers
all under one roof

previously published, Makota (European Haiku Society)

humid day
the heat
between us

 previously published, Haiku Canada

convalescent home
the familiar grasp
of nostalgia

previously published in Frogpond Journal

this black night
the stars
still can’t let go

previously published in bottle rockets press

the roar
at kid’s baseball game
a train

previously published in bottle rockets press

at the beach
the umbrella

“Best Bet” 2015 haiku, Lyrical Passion Poetry

late summer talk-
the oil lamp smoke
going in circles

previously published, The Heron’s Nest

watching the osprey
watching the fisherman
watching the fish

den Fischadler im Auge
und der den Fisher
und der den Fisch

previously published, Chrysanthemum Nr. 2014 (German translation)

far below emerald water I peddle my bike

previously published, Roadrunner Haiku Journal

flock of birds
low in the valley
whistling wind

previously published, Lyrical Passion Poetry

sunny day
a tree
on the fence

previously published, Shamrock Haiku Journal (Ireland)

Unidentified sound
an osprey’s nest
on the antenna tower

previously published, Shamrock Haiku Journal (Ireland)

Barbados heat
the police station windows
wide open

previously published, Shamrock Haiku Journal (Ireland)

Cut branches on pine tree
cat steps up
to shade

previously published, Shamrock Haiku Journal (Ireland)

the spot
between the stars

published September 2015, The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

sound of lapping water
bouncing sun
off the waves  

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


published September 2014, NeverEnding Story

lapping water
stationary swans
move closer

schwappendes Wasser
ortsgebundene Schwane
watschein naher

published October 2014, Chrysanthemum Nr.16 (German translation)

Elizabeth’s haibun:


I am about to climb the Queen’s Staircase in the Bahamas, hand carved from stone by slaves. The sun is scorching and the air is thick while I rest briefly on one of the steps, absorbing the coolness of the rock under my hands. My eyes fill with tears as I feel the power from so many years ago.

 hidden waterfall
steam rises
from the roar
previously published, Haibun Today

The Gift

I am going to my father’s house to do yard work before it is put up for sale, and am struck by how his garden has bloomed. Splashes of yellow daffodils and ruby red tulips greet me. I can hear his voice. “Pick a bouquet, honey, whatever you want.”

dad’s headstone
a bouquet
of his favourites

previously published, A Hundred Gourds

Elizabeth’s senryu:

eye exam
the doctor changes
my long term vision

shortlisted for the 2018 H.Gene Murtha Senryu Contest

new chapter
the last word
of my book

previously published, Failed Haiku

again she wonders
why she’s lived so long

previously published, Failed Haiku

string hanging
from the blackbird’s mouth

previously published, Failed Haiku

Elizabeth’s Tanka:

hot sunIMG_0935 (1)
the screech of a seagull
a thousand miles away
memories retrieved
by a single sound

previously published, Inner Art Journal