Free Verse Poetry

Quick Change (previously published in Friday’s Poems)

the day I left the hospital
I packed my suitcasesuitcase
stuffing it full
with pieces of my life
I couldn’t have
or do anymore
that wouldn’t be able
to go home with me
when I got behind closed doors
I took each thing out
put it away
and learned to live
without it


Round Two (previously published in Friday’s Poems)

you think that was painUniverse
whispers the universe
you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
I imagine myself leaning backwards
on the ropes of a boxing ring
and whisper back
give me what ya got
maybe it’s you
that ain’t seen nothin’ yet



Cocooned in sweet slumberIMG_1073
I dreamt of you last night
but in that sliver of a second
that hovers between night’s end
and early dawn
fear whispered gently in my ear
to remind me
you were gone


You (previously published in Penny Ante Feud)

Sirens screaming pain
deep in the distancehot-sun1
Crickets burning holes
through the still of night
Air hanging heavy
draped all around us
Scorching August night
branding memories
of you


Recollection (previously published in Quick Brown Fox)
The dayrose in snow my father died
the river flowed
the earth shook
the winds blew
and there I stood


A Hungry Soul (previously published in The Mastodon Dentist)

Folding in bananas
a touch of cinnamon41408860
I’m taking sweetness
for a hungry soul
Potatoes gurgling when they’re ready
steam on my windows
I’m taking sustenance
for your pain
Lingering smells of melted chocolate
the picnic hamper packed
I’m delivering my love
to your door


In Her Shoes (previously published in First Thought Poetry)

After I wept in my daughter’s arms
I took the bag of shoes and boots home
and as I tried each pair onIMG_0896
I thought of how my mom would have felt
when she wore them
and I thought about the way she walked
and I’m damn sure
or maybe just sure
or at least I might have
for sure I think
definitely hoped
I felt her presence
while I wore them


Know Thyself (previously published in Word Riot)

When I worked at the rehabIMG_0899 (1)
an older woman
who liked to flash her breasts
told me to be careful
that when she was my age
she began to like Chardonnay
a little too much
but inwardly
my smile was smug
as I knew myself well
and I was strictly
a sauvignon blanc girl


Yes, but still (previously published in Ascent Aspirations)


Yes, I have cancer
the warmth of this summer night
still floats through my window
the hollyhocks still wave
in front of swaying grasses
an ant still crawls slowly
across my window screen


Captured (previously published in Quick Brown Fox)

suspecting something amiss
we didn’t see Depression
ready to pouncedownload
its talons soon locked into you
in a surreal sort of way
me, just pumping powerless
watching you in battle
with an ugly beast
howling its name


FullSizeRender (9)
Alone (previously published in Ascent Aspirations)

An echo of pure sadness
resounds in the stillness
while the night pines dance
without you



Moving On (previously published in Ascent Aspirations)

Sad music on the radio,wineglass_lipstick_page
Crimson lipstick on the wine glass,
Your heart in my hands.


  1. “Realization” plucks at my tears…. It speaks to a personal loss so beautifully. Thank you, Elizabeth….


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