World Cancer Day


As I posted on facebook recently, today is the five year anniversary of the million step walk my son did for cancer (helpmeburycancer) across our province of Ontario, Canada. This is a small free verse poem I wrote about it.

The Gift

My heart is still capable of aching
of leaking parental pride
when I think of my son
my child
the man
trudging a million steps
over hundreds of miles
to fundraise for cancer
through snow and sleet
and freezing winds
for everyone who has ever had cancer
for everyone who will ever get cancer
for my parents
for me

(I’d also like to thank the Asahi Network for publishing one of my haiku on Friday, and Daily Haiga for accepting another of my photo-haiga!)


“We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.” Hellen Keller

Happy New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve can bring with it memories of years past. Some of my earliest are my cousin and I, dressed in little girl party dresses, taking coats from the guests at my grandparents large bashes. I hold memories of my children dancing with me, their small feet planted firmly on top of mine, close to my heart.

There have been sad ones, too. I remember the first New Year’s Eve after my first marriage ended, hoping to be fast asleep by midnight. And nostalgic ones, like my mom and dad clasping hands and singing Auld Lang Syne, long after they were gone. Thankfully, there have been many beautiful memories with my husband, the first one dancing at an Inn on the lake, lights sparkling off the water.

Whatever New Year’s memory you’ll be making or reminiscing about tonight, I hope it’s filled with good health and good times…Cheers!

New Books and Holiday Wishes


I recently read Melodie Campbell’s latest book, “Worst Date Ever”, published by Orca Books. You may already know her as the author of the award winning Gina Gallo Mystery series. She shares a fun fact with us, that one of the dates in this romantic comedy actually happened to her! I assumed this “rapid read” would be a fun one, as Melodie was previously billed as “The Queen of Comedy” by the Toronto Sun in 2014, and I assumed correctly. “Worst Date Ever” would make a great stocking stuffer!

I downloaded “The Author Blog” by Anne. R. Allen on Kindle this week. It’s available for a limited time for only $2.99. It’s an easy and informative read for anyone interested in secrets from this award winning blogger.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday season, full of all that you dream of.


“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” Hamilton Wright Mabie

Jane Reichold Haiga Contest


I am honoured to say that my photo haiga entry has been named the winner in the photograph based category of the second annual Jane Reichold Contest. (photo haiga is a combination of two art forms, photography and haiku)

It is featured this month in two online journals, Prune Juice, a Journal of Senryu, Kyoka and Haiga and Failed Haiku, a Journal of English Senryu, who jointly sponsored this worldwide haiga contest.

My sincere thank you to the editors, Steve Hodge and Mike Rehling, and to the judge of the photograph based category, Linda Papanicolaou. I am grateful to all.

Congratulations to all of the winners for their stunning work.

Jennifer Mook Sang

Every writer needs supportive friends. People who will buy their book, take time to leave a review of it online, like their facebook posts, and leave supportive comments. Jennifer Mook Sang is that kind of friend and more. Her picture book, “Captain Monty Takes The Plunge” is launching this month at A Different Drummer Books in Burlington, on October 14th, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. People probably thought I was half joking when I commented “counting down the days” on her facebook page. But, I really am. After reading her first book, “Speechless”, I am that sure, that it will be brilliant. And I will be there, trying to give back a drop in the ocean of support, that she has given me.

Introduction to Haiku Workshop

I put up an author page (Elizabeth Crocket) on facebook in August to share my news about having my first women’s fiction novel released next year. Thanks to everyone who took the time to like or comment!

Thanks to NeverEnding Story for publishing another of my haiku on July 7. I always learn from the comments Chen-ou leaves on each haiku he publishes. Now, if only I could find a way to retain them! (:

Thanks to Mike Rehling of Failed Haiku, A Journal of English Senryu, for accepting one of my photo-haiga for the September issue.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Dundas writing group, when we resume again this month. And excited about leading another Introduction to Haiku workshop at the library Wednesday, September 13th, too!


Quote: To be a poet is a condition, not a profession. Robert Frost


Thanks, and summer reading…

Thanks to Charles Christian, Editor of Grievous Angel, ( for accepting another one of my photo haiga, and much appreciation to Mike Rehling, Editor of Failed Haiku, for publishing another of my photo haiga.

If you’re looking for reading material this summer, “O” magazine has their annual summer reading extravaganza out this month, featuring twenty novels and memoir options to choose from.

I just finished reading local author Deborah Serrovalle’s debut novel, “How We Danced” and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s available on her website:

Enjoy every minute of your summer!

“For most of history ‘Anonymous’ was a woman.’ Virginia Woolf