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How Soon the Colour Fades, a collection of haiku and senryu, published by

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Wondering What's Next cover

Wondering What’s Next, a collection of short form poetry, published by

Cyberwit says…”In this poetry collection we find that several poems reveal a passionate concreteness of imagery and a rich allusiveness. The poetic qualities that touch the human heart are visible here. The poet’s ardent romantic imagination and tones of passionate feeling are evident in this remarkable collection.”

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Shortlisted for the American Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Books Award

Published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

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Extra Candles. Published by Red Moon Press

Collection of 24 haiku poetry (sold out)…atalog/product_info.php


“Extra Candles is a work of quiet introspection by the poet. That said, when you read this volume you may find yourself in many of these poems. Haiku combines a striking minimalism that originates from the poet and interacts with the feelings, memories and experiences of the reader. In this sense the reader is the real arbiter of the ‘meaning’ of the poem. When you absorb the work of Liz Crocket she will take you to a place where you can experience the poem fully in your own world.” — from the foreword by Mike Rehling


Not Like Fred and Ginger. Published by Red Moon Press

Collection of 17 haibun poetry (sold out)

(shortlisted for the Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Book Award – 2015)


“The style in this collection is so matter of fact that you feel as if you are there, a member of the family, neighbor or friend. There is something here that tells you that whatever happens to us it can’t disturb our inner peace, or destroy our essence, unless we let it.” from the foreword by Mike Rehling


Three women’s fiction novels:

A Path to the Lake

Full of Grace

The Smell of Roses

(author currently holds rights to all three)


Paperback, 119 pages:

A Daughter’s Diary. Non-fiction. A poignant day-by-day remembrance in the form of a personal diary kept by a loving daughter as she cared for her father, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  (all profits donated to the Canadian Cancer Society)

A Daughter's Diary

“Touching and, at times, laugh out loud funny, this memoir describes an ordinary family and the courage that emerges when times are most dark.” from a review by Jennifer Mook-Sang, author of “Speechless” and “Captain Monty Takes the Plunge.”