A memory

Haibun poetry (prose that is paired with a haiku) is written in the present tense, but often taken from a memory.

My haibun below, published in the current issue of Chrysanthemum International online magazine, is a happy memory, pulled from my childhood.

The Slow Lane

On drives up to the farm, my grandpa pointed out holstein or jersey cattle, or different types of barns that dotted the countryside.

He drove slowly, but my brother, cousins and I never minded. He entertained us with stories like the time he shot an apple off someone’s head, while we roared with laughter, and my grandma roared his name. I never checked my watch, but it seemed there were more minutes in the hour when we were with him.

grandpa’s blinker

we stop chanting


Quote: “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” L.M. Montgomery


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