Poetry for Middle Grade and High School

My love for Japanese short form poetry is no secret. One of the reasons I wrote What We All Want to Say, poetry for grades 6-12, is to put a poetry book out into the world that is relevant to young people today. My hope is that it will inspire students to create their own poetry, or to encourage discussion in the classroom or at home.
What We All Want to Say is a collection of contemporary haiku, senryu (a close cousin to haiku) and three haibun (prose with a haiku), written in the voice of a teenager. Haiku has evolved over the years, and it became important to me to show the younger generation what haiku poetry sounds like today.
My recent picture book, Happy Haiku (shortlisted for the American Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Books Award) is targeted to pre-school and junior elementary children, but there is still a void for contemporary poetry in the middle grade and high school market. It’s my hope that What We All Want to Say can help fill that void.
Published by Cyberwit.net, it will become available for order the week of July 21, 2020, from both Amazon and Cyberwit.


Quote: “Too many adults wish to ‘protect’ teenagers when they should be stimulating them to read of life as it is lived.” Margaret A. Edwards


  1. Congratulations Liz! You’re an inspiration as you continue to develop new works of art! Well done!


    1. Thanks so much, Christina, for your wonderful support and wishes! Very kind of you. And you know I love your work!


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