Teaching Haiku

After taking a little break, I have just signed a new contract with Crimson Cloak Publishing for my picture book, Happy Haiku, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It will re-appear on Amazon soon! Happy Haiku has been used by junior grade teachers as a teaching tool to introduce haiku into the classroom.

Speaking of teaching tools, I am thrilled to say that Cyberwit.net will soon be publishing my book of Japanese short form poetry (haiku, senryu and haibun) for grades 6-12. There is a huge void in the contemporary haiku market for relevant poems for that age group. I’ll post again as soon as it becomes available.

I’ll leave you with a helpful hint for teaching haiku! The plural of haiku….is still haiku!


      1. Huge congratulations! So thrilled Happy Haiku is back on Amazon, it’s fantastic for children learning all about haiku!


        1. Thank you so much, Emma. It should be back up on Amazon soon…can’t wait. Hope you had a great Canada Day!!


  1. I used to introduce haiku to my students. They all loved writing them. I wish your books had been available for me to use then. Best wishes. I have missed you!


    1. Mary! Thank you so much for this sweet comment! I miss you, too. Happy Canada Day!


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