Haiku for Children

I just found out that my children’s picture book, Happy Haiku, will be released in September. Of course I quickly posted a cover reveal (illustrated by Jack Foster) on my facebook and Instagram accounts. Beloved poet and editor in the haiku community, Michael Rehling, was kind enough to write a foreword for Happy Haiku, and I am forever grateful. Here it is…

This volume is a small miracle. Liz Crocket is an established haiku poet but the fact that she is sharing her work in this wonderful book is a welcome effort to bring the simple beauty of haiku to an audience often overlooked by serious haiku poets. Children already are the receptacle of a natural love of nature and spinning imagination that adults often struggle to reacquaint themselves with as they grow older. The quality of the poems, when combined with beautiful illustrations by Jack Foster, is so seductive that I cannot believe that any reader, of any age, would not be smiling as they read this collection. I only wish that I had “Happy Haiku” to read to my granddaughters when they were young, but I plan to provide them both a copy and maybe sit down with them now and read it with them. It just might be that my great-grandchildren (someday) will have this book shared with them also.
Liz has been creating haiku that stir the minds of her readers for many years, but this may be her best work yet! I cannot think of a better way to introduce a love for this form to any child. Her sensitive and curiosity provoking work is simply a tour de force that will stimulate readers to enjoy the haiku form now and in the future. A better world is at your fingertips right now, and the fact that many of us who love haiku have something to share with a younger audience is wonderfully precious. I cannot give this book a stronger recommendation than to say that it will change the way young people imagine haiku poetry as a part of their own life. It is that powerful!
Michael Rehling


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