Full of Grace


As you know, I have my toes dipped into two different genres of writing, women’s fiction and Japanese short form poetry. I had some poetry published this summer, including some of my photo-haiga. But, it’s time to start thinking about my next women’s fiction novel, Full of Grace, as it’s slated to come out this fall or next spring. So, on the chance it comes out this fall, I think it’s time I give you a preview of the blurb for the back of the book!

Angela keeps a roof over her head, albeit a leaking one, by writing romance novels. But, Angela’s never really believed in the traditional happily ever after ending. So, she begins writing the story of Grace, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer shortly after finding out her husband Rick is having an affair. Again.

As she writes the story to dispel the myth of happily ever after, Angela begins a relationship with Mark, the contractor who comes to fix her leaking roof, and ironically, it looks like she may be on the way to her own happy ending. But Angela’s had a difficult past and has a cynical outlook, while Mark’s life has just gotten messy. Angela wonders if this is all going to work out.

Grace lies in bed at night, wondering if what Rick wants to give her, and what he is capable of giving her, are two different things. She asks Rick to move out temporarily, while they try to assess their marriage. She wonders how she can get such comfort and security from a man who cheated on her.


Quote: “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” William Wordsworth


    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment. And I’m looking forward to January to read your new book, M.!!


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