Intro to “A Path to the Lake”

I’ve begun the journey of sending out my manuscript to agents. Now I understand what my writer friends say about the challenge of the query letter! Here’s a blurb about “A Path to the Lake…..”

Kate longs to move on with her own life after caring for her parents, but just hours after her second parent dies, Kate watches as her younger sister Heather walks into the lake across the street, fully clothed.

Kate learns her sister has been hiding two life changing secrets from her family. Grappling with trying to help her sister and needing to get on with her own life, Kate becomes involved with two men.

One starts as a friendship, and the other a flirtatious, sexual relationship with no ties. Ultimately Kate decides she is done with both of them, until the embers of one relationship begin to spark again….

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Please note, I’ve added haiku (under Japanese poetry) and free verse poems on the site today , as well as a story (under short fiction).

“So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake.”  Edgar Allan Poe


  1. You have a way with words! I’ll be interested to hear when you get published, hopefully soon!


  2. Looking SO forward to your book Elizabeth! I am joining the line to purchase!!! Love your site and all it has to offer!


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