The reason for this blog….

Having recently completed my first 72,000 word women’s fiction manuscript, I knew the time for me to have a blog was overdue.

Thank you for stopping by. It’s my hope that there will be something on these pages that will interest you, perhaps resonate with you, or entertain you. I’ll be posting new material periodically, so please check back occasionally.

Make yourself a steaming cup of tea, or brew yourself a coffee, and let me share my story with you.

I’ve written all my life, intrigued by different genres at different times. Sometime around 2008 I had the time to take some fun writing classes that are offered by Brian Henry across Ontario. He published a piece I wrote in one of his classes on his blog “Quick Brown Fox.” And I was hooked.

I was quickly published online and in small press publications, and by 2009 I felt like my writing was garnering steam when I was paid for my writing for the first time. Life threw me a curveball in 2010 though, when I was diagnosed with cancer. What is it they say about life happening when you’re busy making other plans?

So, after three major surgeries, chemo and radiation, I was finally declared cancer free. And have remained so the past three years. The bad news of having cancer would be obvious to you, I assume, but the good news is that it sure gave me some good writing material. I used my love of Japanese poetry to write a wee chapbook of seventeen haibun poetry about my cancer journey. And lo and behold it was published by Red Moon Press and then shortlisted for the prestigious Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Book Award.

It’s my hope that this blog generates some interest in my women’s fiction manuscript, “A Path to the Lake” (which I’ll elaborate on in another post,) as well as let me share my writing with you.

My love of writing (and reading) continues to grow. In the last year I wrote “A Path to the Lake,” attended the North American Haiku Conference in Albany, New York, and have had three haiku published so far this year, one of them in Mayfly magazine. I also continue to write children’s stories that I dream will become picture books someday. By the summer I hope to be busy writing my next women’s fiction manuscript.

I’ve kept you here long enough, I’ll share tidbits about my wonderful family in future posts.

Have a browse. It’s written from my heart, to share with yours. Talk to you soon.

Thank you,



“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.”   Wallace Stevens


  1. Wonderful, Liz! Enjoyed learning a bit about you. Please post about your children’s’ stories.


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